Upcoming October Food Truck Festivals 2012

Welcome back food truck fans! I’m finally settled in after my summer backpacking trip in Europe. It’s clear that Boston’s food truck love has continued to flourish, and no doubt this fall will continue to bring us some spectacular food truck experiences.

With October just around the corner, let’s take a minute to discuss upcoming Boston food truck festival taste opportunities. As Scar from Disney’s The Lion King might say, “be prepared!”

October Boston Food Truck Festivals 2012

Fenway Cultural District is having their 11th annual celebration of free arts and cultural events. While this isn’t a food truck festival per se, it sounds like a fun event that will feature food trucks. Plus apple cider, glass blowing demonstrations, and indoor kite flying! Sounds like a fantastic day!

Support Boston food trucks in their battle against the roach coaches of NYC. Let the Bean Town vs. Big Apple rivalry continue. Come support your favorite food trucks!

Now you might remember that I was none too pleased with Food Truck Festivals of NE after their disastrous food truck festival at UMASS that was packed with lines and bitter tears.

I have an unfortunate talent of being able to hold a grudge for quite some time, so I’m still a bit annoyed with Food Truck Festivals of NE, but they do claim that they’ve completely revamped the food truck festival system.

If you hit up one of these festivals, (or have been to a Food Truck Festivals of NE event post-UMASS) please let me know how it went. I’m very curious.

More Boston food truck reviews on the way! Stay hungry Bean Town!

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  1. The new system seems to be working better for managing people. You buy 10 tickets for $13 or 20 for $25 and the menu items are by ticket. If the dollar amount of the normal menu item is a dollar per ticket, then not so good. Better off going to SoWa if one is around Boston. I haven’t experienced it all first hand, as they cancelled both events south of the city. A couple Yelp reviews on the ticket system found people not happy with bang for the buck, indicating they saw bottled water for 2 tickets, frozen slush for 4. I’m most looking forward to the Food Truck Throwdown, best of Boston vs NYC trucks. How awesome do you think that will be!

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