Boston Food Truck Business Resources: Starting Up in BOS!

Are you thinking about starting a food truck in Boston? We want to make it easy – more trucks means more awesome street food!

Here are some of the best guides to help you get started, as well as the materials you’ll need to start your own food truck business in Boston.

General Food Truck 101 Advice

Mobile Cuisine: A great resource for food truck businesses looking for tips on anything from marketing and food truck social media, to taxes and food truck accounting.

Roaming Hunger: Offering consultation assistance and general info for getting your food truck up and rolling.

Food Truck 101 – How to Start a Food Truck Business: A fantastic guide to starting a food truck from Entrepreneur.

Food Truck Interview Series: We ask seasoned food truck owners what their biggest challenges have been in starting a food truck, and what advice they offer to mobile food greenhorns.

4 Tips on Opening a Food Truck Business: We discuss four basic tips that are essential to a successful food truck. Check them out!

The Complete Breakdown Of Food Truck Operation Costs. This great breakdown from Food Truck Empire takes us through common food truck startup costs. See where you can expect to spend the big bucks and plan accordingly!

Boston-Specific Info

  • Guide to Food Truck Regulations: A great visual flow chart guide from the City of Boston that provides a quick overview of the regulations and requirements for food trucks in Boston.
  • Food Truck Legal Toolkit: A super comprehensive legal toolkit detailing all the nitty gritty details about what you’ll need in order to complete your Boston food truck permit application.
  • Boston Food Truck Permit Guide: Our own rehashing of the Food Truck Legal Toolkit, this guide provides a quick, brief synopsis of the food truck permit application process, for those desiring a general overview.
  • City of Boston Food Truck Document Library: The one-stop shop for all the forms and documents you’ll need to get your food truck up and running.

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