Free Food Truck Master Class with Ali Walter

Hey Boston food truckers – I’ve got some exciting news for those in the food truck biz.
First we need to know:
  • Do you want lines of fans at your truck at every event?
  • Do you want to be booked for 3-4 months in advance with high paying gigs AND have a loyal following?
  • Do you want to have more time for yourself and your family, instead of working all the time?
  • Are you brand new to the industry and wondering how to make your new food truck business successful?

Chances are you’ve answered “yes” to at least one (if not all) of those questions.

Well if that’s true, it’s your lucky day – a new online food truck business training class is coming up next week. And you know what’s crazy? It’s absolutely free!

That’s right – Ali Walter, founder of the Food Truck Freedom Formula, has a BRAND NEW Masterclass for you this Monday (October 5th, 2015 at 4pm) …for FREE!

As part of the Masterclass, there will also be a live Q&A session with 2 experts in the food truck industry, including Rick Myrick, the Editor-In-Chief of Mobile Cuisine and author of Running A Food Truck for Dummies.

What You’ll Learn

In the training, Ali offers to teach you how to position and grow your semi-automated food truck business and flood your truck with consistently high paying gigs so you can work less and generate predictably higher profits.

Ali has never shared all of this to the public.  But she is so dedicated to helping food truckers build a business that they love and still have a LIFE, she’s decided to unveil some of the secrets that are generating tens of thousands of increased revenue for her clients (we’re talking increases like $25,000 in 6 months – pretty amazing stuff).

You can check out all the details HERE!

So, if you want to experience more freedom and stability in your food truck business and life by bringing in higher, more consistent profit and are looking to learn the secrets of the pros, don’t miss this Masterclass!

Sign up today because spaces fill fast with these trainings.

Note: I’ve never taken a Masterclass with Ali before. Ali approached me asking if I’d be open to spreading word about her upcoming event. I agreed to promote her Masterclass because it seems to be a great learning opportunity for local food truckers (plus it’s free – what do you have to lose?).

I look forward to hearing about your experiences with the Masterclass – until then, happy truckin’!