Boston Super Dog

On September 15 I headed out to Somerville Riverfest.

The festival was partnered with Assembly Row and featured live music, activities, bouncy castles for kids, and, of course, food trucks! It was a beautiful day and a great opportunity to try some new Boston food trucks.

Hot dogs are one of those foods that people can get pretty passionate about.

Loads of people will tell you how terribly processed they are, but I think many of us harbor a soft spot in our hearts for this disturbingly oblong childhood staple. Nothing brings comfort and evokes the American spirit quite like a ballpark frank.

 Boston Super Dog Review

Boston Super Dog (formerly known as Boston Speed Dog) isn’t the cheap mystery-meat hotdog of your toddler years. The Boston Super Dog is the overlord of all hot dogs.

For one, it’s absolutely humongous. They should be calling this thing a wolf dog. It’s one of those lovely foods you stare at for a few minutes as you develop a plan of attack.


These 8 inch hot diggidy dogs are made fresh with 100% all beef and come with an assortment of homemade toppings of BBQ, chili, mustard, onions, and cranberry relish, made by Chef Greg himself.

How to order your dog: Get it loaded. The toppings make the dog, and you’ll be missing out if you don’t get it with everything.

Boston Super Dogs Takes “Top Dog” Title

Boston Super Dog has won Best Hot Dog by “Best of Boston 2012” and also earned the title of “America’s Top Dog” by Wall Street Journal, making it a must-taste on the lists of travelers visiting Boston.

What makes the Super Dog king of the wieners?

The toppings naturally set it apart, but Boston Super Dogs are also soaked in an apple cider and brown sugar marinade, giving the meat a unique flavor.

Don’t Forget the Fried Pickles!

Although I abhor cucumbers, I go nuts over pickles, so of course I couldn’t pass up Boston Super Dog’s deep fried Grillo’s pickles. Amazing! Pickle fans everywhere, rejoice!

 Boston Super Dog: Ratingsuper-dog-boston

Boston Super Dogs are fantastic without a doubt.

At $8 a dog, they are probably one of the most expensive hot dogs you’ll ever eat, but then again, this is a delicious wolf dog we are talking about.

 Boston Super Dogs gets 4 out of 5 Forks.

Boston Super Dogs prove that hot dogs can no longer be labeled as strictly child’s food. A bit cheaper would be nice, but perfection can be pricey. Do not miss out on this champion of Boston food.

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