Food Truck Reviews

Flavorful Vietnamese cuisine featuring rice bowls, noodle bowls, and their famous “Bon Me” sandwich.

Gigantic, delicious dogs with all the fixin’s

Salivating seafood you won’t want to let swim past

Cheap and tasty, you’ll find no surprises here – just full bellies

Mediterranean complete with falafels, shawarma, and tasty tabouli

Creative veggo food with sandwiches like the Egg & Eggplant and the BBQ seitan

Featuring great items like grass fed beef sliders and incredible fried pickles (Grillos pickles no less!)

A rotating menu of lip-smacking seasonal sandwiches – try a side of crispy cauliflower

Fugu prides itself on creative spins on Asian classics, with a rotating menu that always delights.

There’s nothing fishy about this sensational seafood

These guys pay homage to the classic, along with delicious and adorably named variations like the Swiss Family Robinson. Whatever you do, don’t pass up a shot of the life-changing tomato soup!

Cupcakes on wheels! What more can you say?

Modern Chinese-American cuisine that never fails to impress – one double awesome with a side of braised beef dumplings please!

Southeast Asian dishes with unbeatable prices

A mobile taste of France makes even Bostonians feel sophisticated – try sweet crepes, savory crepes, or the Nutella hot chocolate smoothie!

This authentic BBQ will have you licking your lips all afternoon

Featured on the Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race,” this ain’t yo mamma’s grilled cheese! Claims to fame include rosemary fries and the Mighty Rib Melt

**NOW CLOSED** There’s never a dull moment with Staff Meal!

Tasty tacos you can’t pass up

Vegetarian-friendly tacos with an open door policy – let the party begin!

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